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The Colonnade

The famous Colonnade is one of the most instantly recognisable symbols of Mariánské Lázně.


Kladská Peat Bog

One of the most beautiful places in the Cheb District is Kladská Lake and its Hunting Lodge, located in one of the most significant locations within the Slavovský Forest Protected Landscape Area.


Natural Park at the Prelát Spring

The park at Prelát Spring has many activities, especially for children. Here you can have a barbecue or try the zip wire, climbing frames, water attractions and other fun things to do.


Park Boheminium

Park Boheminium is an educational and leisure area on the eastern edge of Mariánské Lázně featuring detailed models (1:25 scale) of the most important historical buildings and technical monuments in the Czech Republic.


Teplá Monastery

The Premonstratensian Monastery of Teplá was founded in 1193 by the Squire Hroznata, a Czech nobleman. It is arguably the most important monastery in West Bohemia.


Geological Park

Beginning at the edge of the town's spa zone, this educational trail presents an overview of the geological characteristics and flora communities found in the Slavkovský Forest.


As you walk through this part of the Slavkovský Forest, you may wonder what that rotten smell is. It comes from small rifts which host no life. Bleached skulls of field mice and forest birds, together with a myriad of insects grimly complete the picture.

King of Spruces - Král smrků

This protected spruce rises northwest of Marianske Lazne between "Svobody" alley  and "Smetana" alley. The spruce is estimated to be 200 years old and is a truly majestic tree - the trunk circumference is 450cm and it is 39 m tall. It first emerged from the ground around 1818 when Mariánské Lázně was first declared a public spa. In March 2017 strong wind got the better of the spruce which fell. A fallen tree remains protected, so it can still be admired where it lies.

Nature trail

The spa forests nature trail in Mariánské Lázně presents a wide selection of topics and focuses on spa care, history, geology, mining, forestry, zoology, botany and ecology. Some 23 stations are spread out over 5km of forest trails where info boards are packed with interesting information.

The Sulphurous One - Sirňák

White foamy crusts decorate several smaller water surfaces of grass-grown glades on the right bank of the Teplá River.

Church of St Anna in Velká Hleďsebe

The Church of St Anna is the most important historical site in Velká Hleďsebe, a village located close to Mariánské Lázně. In 2011 the church celebrated its centenary. It's a neo-Romanesque building completed in 1911 by Josef Forberich of Mariánské Lázně.


One kilometer north of the village of Michalovy Hory, we come across the emergence of carbonated water, one of the best-known acidulous water sources of Slavkovský Forest: Čiperka.

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