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Natural Park at Prelat Spring (Prelát)

Natural Park at Prelat Spring (Prelát) offers activities especially for children. Here you can roast sausages or try the monkey tracks, climbing frames and other attractions.

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Years ago at the edge of Mariánské Lázně, in a spot where the park leads into the forest, rose the Prelat Spring, which was accessible in the spa pavilion for the publicand it's from this spring that this little piece of nature gets its name.

In the past a unique wooden 'indian village' made for children was created however, in the course of time it was damaged by vandals and was eventually demolished. In its place a chidren's playground created that included a fireplace, swings, horizontal bars and small wooden huts in the shape of tee-pees. Over time this also became the target of vandals and so a wooden tower was built with a small hut on the top and benches inside. This too deteriorated over the subsequent years and even the spring in the pavilion had stopped flowing. Nevertheless, this park area continued to attract children and adults who were out walking and was a place where they could sit down at the fire and let their children play. This place continued to attract local people and many popular sporting, entertaining and childrens activities (like 'Indian Day' or 'Fairy Tale Forest') took place there.

Civic Association 'Hravý pramen'

This was however, a truly picturesque meadow, through which a little creek full of granite rocks flows and continued to attract people. Two small ponds completed the magic and beauty of this spot and in the fall of 2004, the civic association 'Hravý Pramen' (playful spring) was founded with the goal of regenerating the natural park around Prelat Spring. Eventually this group oversaw the building of a children's playground here and continued the tradition of this place being an enjoyable spot for people to spend some of their free time. The association began preparing a plan for creating a more substantial park and involved children from the schools, kindergartens and art clubs from Mariánské Lázně in this process. They created a competition in which kids would draw their ideas of the kind of things they thought the park should contain and some designed models showing their ideas for the park. These ideas were considered and taken into consideration and used in the creation of the new playground.The 'Hravý Pramen' civic association is made up of Alena Doležalová, Pavel Graca, and Miroslav Štěpánek.

Creation of the playground

The first steps were to clean up the place, the ponds and creek and have large stones moved to the park. Gradually, attractions for children were added to the park, including decorative elements from natural materials that respected the uniqueness of this Prelat Spring park environment. The children's attraction subsequently created in the park were, a flying fox, swings,climbimg frames, an rope style assault course, a locomotive made of the logs, an indian totem pole, a sand pit, a small complex water world, a mill wheel, cars made of logs and the wooden tower was changed into a climbing pyramid with a slide. An amphitheatre was also built from logs, then a clay cave and a wooden hiding place in the shape of a bear and finally a prospectors log cabin, (like that of Jack London) and several fireplaces and benches. Everything was initially created just from local natural materials such as wood from the surrounding forest wood, then ropes were added, then the stones and eventually metal structures. These attractions and decorative elements in the park were mostly created and arranged by the members of the 'Hravý Pramen' civic association. These pieces of work were mostly funded by the town of Mariánské Lázně. Donations and gifts of materials, money and physical work were given by friends and supporters of the park at Prelat Spring as well as help from the children themselves. And, eventually, the spring was once again made accessible to the public and now flows from a hand carved wooden statue of a monk close to the pavilion. The park is also the starting point of an educational trail that wanders through the beautiful surrounding nature.

Operation of the park

Nowadays is the playground operated by the Správa Městských sportovišť p.o. of Mariánské Lázně

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