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The Colonnade

The Colonnade or the Maxim Gorky's Colonnade inherently belongs to the symbols of Marianske Lazne.

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The new Baroque Colonnade was built between 1888 and 1889. Its construction was ordered by the Abbot of Teplá Monastery and built on the ground of the original building that was then known as ‘Kursal‘ (119 x 12 meters). It was built by a local builder Johann Koenig according to the plans of Viennese architects Miksch and Niedzielský. Their cast iron construction was fabricated in the engineering works in Blansko and owned by Prince Salm.

The Colonnade is an icon that could be said to represent the Czech spas, it is a precious example of a period building common to the Czech and other European spa towns, many of which were destroyed, deteriorated over time or modernized at some point. Fortunately our Colonnade survived with its reconstruction taking place between 1973 and 1981.This reconstruction was part of a modernization of the promenade area between Cross Spring(Křížový) and Karolina Spring. The cycle of ceiling frescos in the Colonnade represents the desire of man to fly and is the work of the artist Josef Vyleťal. The bronze reliefs on the walls of the Colonnade were created by Antonín Kuchař.

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