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Health and the Immune System

Strolls in the forest, drinkably pure spring water and of course all of those well-known spa procedures – these all have a beneficial effect on our health and immune system. For more information see:

Looking to recharge your batteries and give body and mind a chance to relax? Mariánské Lázně’s hotels offer a wide range of wellness and cosmetic procedures.

There are over 40 mineral springs in and around Mariánské Lázně. Combined with a subalpine climate and nature all around us, Mariánské Lázně is the ideal place for treating a range of conditions as well as being a great way to prevent illnesses developing.

Learn how to relax, regenerate and strengthen your immunity with spa procedures!

Tips for Trips

Parks and the forests surrounding Mariánské Lázně, encourage a trip to nature.

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Immunity Program
The aim of the spa treatment: improvement to the ventilation function of air passages restoration of correct respiration mechanics improvement to the overall resistance of the organism removal of environmental…

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Get acquainted with local springs, that are the basis of spa care.

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