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Kynžvart Rock - Kynžvartský kámen

Kynžvart Kámen is one of the lesser known natural monuments of Slavkovský Forest. It’s located not far from the old route connecting the train station of Lázně Kynžvart with the town itself, north of Luční Pond.

The purpose of declaring it a natural monument was to protect this geological phenomenon – a granite block with perfectly developed weathered microshapes that we call 'pseudolapies'.
The Kynžvart Rock natural monument is a 5-meter block of homolytic shape whose rounded walls have been furrowed by marked grooved labies (up to 0.5 m deep and 5-20 cm wide) which were formed by the mechanical and chemical aggressive force of draining rainwater. This formation is – as with a number of others in the nearby area (i.e. the quaternary of noticeable rounded blocks on the marked trail) – are evidence of a product of subsurface weathering and represents the more resistant 'core' of the mineral which made it to the surface after the erosion of the surrounding geests.

Basic Information


Natural site


610 m above sea level

Extent of specially protected area

0.17 hectares

Border length

55 m

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