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UNESCO World Heritage

Mariánské Lázně is one of eleven exceptional spa towns from seven countries to be added to UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list as part of a multi-country nomination called “The Great Spa Towns of Europe”

What is the Great Spa Towns of Europe?

The Great Spa Towns of Europe” is a grouping of 11 spa towns from different seven countries which were added to UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list as part of a joint international bid. Cooperation between the spas and a joint effort involving all the towns eventually led to UNESCO recognising the extraordinary value of Europe’s spa traditions.

Following a process that took many years, Mariánské Lázně along with ten other European spa towns, finally received word that the decision had been taken to declare the town a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.

This ruling came at the 44th meeting of the intergovernmental Cultural Heritage Committee in the Chinese city of Fu-Chou.

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