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Writers Trail

The idea of creating a Writers Trail dates back to 2017 and the 85th birthday of the Czech novelist Vladimír Páral.
Over 2018 and 2019, some 11 panels were installed around the town reminding us of the writers, poets and philosophers that stayed in Mariánské Lázně at various points in time. Work on the trail continued until 2022. The complete circuit now consists of 15 panels.

As Vladimír Páral said at the time: „I regard the trail as a new tourist attraction as well as an educational tool. It represents a unique way of getting children back to literature. I strongly believe that the trail will become the foundation stone for literary symposia and similar events in the town. I’d also be very happy if the trail reminded Czechs of the beauty of their own language and stemmed the tide of anglicisms we hear today."

The trail is accompanied by a literature quiz with rewards for those who get all the answers right.

Other important partners of the project are the Municipal Library and the architect Ludmila Míková, who drew the illustrations for the information boards.

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