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Ivan Olbracht

*6th January 1882 – †30th December 1952
By the name of Kamil Zeman, he was a Czech writer - novelist, journalist, and translator of German prose. His work is influenced by social themes and a revolt against bourgeois society. Thanks to characters who find themselves in tense situations and on whom he examines their psychology, he is also classified as psychological literature. A significant turning point in his work was his visit to Subcarpathian Rus (Koločava), to which he devoted the entire 1930s - this period is considered the peak of his literary work (Nikola Šuhaj the Outlaw, Golet in the Valley).

During the Nazi occupation, following an investigation by the Gestapo, he sought refuge with his family in the small village of Stříbřec in the Třeboň region. In 1947, he was appointed a national artist. From 1945 until 1949, when he retired, Olbracht held leading positions at the Ministry of Information in the radio and later in the press department. He spent most of his time in Mariánské Lázně, especially in the 1950s (1947 - Kavkaz, 1948 - Sevastopol, 1949 - Tepelský dům, 1950-1952 – Hvězda).

During his visits, he grew fond of the Královský kámen hunting lodge and spent his leisure time walking in the local forests. He had a cheerful disposition, behaved modestly and naturally among guests.

"Why did I tell you this story? So that you know: we are all looking for something. Sooner or later, we all find it. Not in a foreign distant world, but at home. In our hearts. And in our souls."

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