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Rudyard Kipling

* 30th December 1865 – †18th January 1936
British writer, journalist, and poet, the first British recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1907. He embarked on journeys to China, Japan, and the United States, living for four years with his wife in Vermont, USA, where he wrote his famous "Jungle Books." In London, where he moved in 1896, he published his further novels and also wrote poetry. In his homeland, he was celebrated as a poet who praised bravery and patriotism. In his works, Kipling, with the talent of a great storyteller, portrays the British colonial empire still in its full strength and grandeur.

He arrived in Mariánské Lázně with his wife and daughter in 1935. They spent 32 days at the Golf Hotel. Rudyard Kipling was captivated by the golf course and became a member of the local golf club. He was also interested in the local nature, agriculture, and forestry. As a souvenir, he took home two local costumes for his grandchildren. When the Mayor of Mariánské Lázně, Mr. Turba, sent him a large bouquet and a heartfelt letter in 1935, R. Kipling replied: "Dear Mr. Turba, thank you very much for the beautiful flowers and wishes you sent to me and my wife. I hope to visit your enchanting town and your country again. Yours sincerely, R. Kipling." However, the famous writer never returned to our spa town - he passed away the following year, on January 18, 1936.

"I prefer always to believe the best of everybody; it saves so much trouble."

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