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Maxim Gorkij

* 28th August 1868 – † 18th June 1936
" Everything which is good in me should be credited to books."
Maxim Gorkij - real name was Alexei Maximovich Peshkov - was a Russian author, dramatist and poet. He stayed to Marienbad with family and friends from December 1923 to April 1924, residing at the MAXHOF (today’s Hotel Maxim on Mírové Square where Gorky’s bust can be found). His tranquil time here was taken up with writing and evening strolls around the town. His favourite places were the Forest Spring and Max’s Valley. It was also here that he worked on his "Notes from My Diary" and some short stories called Fires, N. A. Bugrov, Laughable, The Gardener, The Shepherd, and, it’s claimed, an outline of the wife of Lev Tolstoy.

Dr Olbert recalls:

„The first and lasting impression which Gorky made on everyone was of an amiable and benevolent man. For me he was a typical Russian, honest, generous, kind, modest and with a love of his fellow humans. Meeting Gorky was one of the most important events in my life, even though I have encountered many a prominent individual over the course of 41 years in the medical profession."

"Art and love have the same effect as the sun – they awaken energy."

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