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Theodor Lessing

* 8th February 1872 – † 31st August 1933
"The worst prejudice is to consider your own prejudice the most reasonable."
Theodor Lessing was a German philosopher of Jewish extraction and a regular visitor to the spa town. In 1933 he was murdered in Marienbad, thus becoming the first victim of the Nazis in Czechoslovakia. He is buried in the town’s Jewish cemetery. In August 1958 a plaque was unveiled on the façade of the house where the terrible deed was done - Villa Edelweiss. This was to mark the 25th anniversary of his death. On 6th August 1966 the story was retold on TV using live actors in a programme called "THE CAMERA EXAMINES THE TIMES". The murder of Theodor Lessing is the subject of a Czechoslovak film called „Shots in Marienbad“ which was made in 1973.

"From a peace-loving German author I have become a refugee. Every attempt at defending myself would only make my situation worse. The fact that I am still alive is down to a few kind friends … I am a German, and I wish to remain one; I am a Jew and I wish to remain one; I am a socialist and I wish to remain one … Everything I have ever written bears my signature. I fight for justice against my own country, the one I love."

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