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Municipal Library

With its wonderfully distinctive turn-of-the-century architecture and conspicuous tower, house No. 370 was originally called VILLA TURBA and was built in 1903 by a local doctor by the name of Hans Turba, who later became the town’s mayor. Originally the building had a colourful exterior with red, green and blue turrets, bay windows and canopies, plus a pleasant garden that extended into the park and down to the stream. In 1945 the villa was renamed ‘OSVĚTOVÁ BESEDA’ and housed the town’s library, as well as acting as the store for Marienbad’s museum – it was even a candidate to become the Municipal Museum. On 7. 3. 1946 it was officially declared the town’s library. Inside we find a specialist balneological library, a study, a reading room, a children’s section and the main library. The building regularly hosts lectures, discussions and children’s events. It also offers books in foreign languages for spa guests and lends out electronic book readers.

Hans Turba, the original owner, was one of the most prominent figures in the Marienbad’s history. He was a popular and very successful mayor between 1919 and 1933 - on his watch the town boomed. Sigmund Freud was a patient of his  – in 1913 he stayed at Villa Turba with his family for a whole month.

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