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Miroslav Horníček

* 10th November 1918 – † 15th February 2003
"Humour is a serious business."
This talented Czech actor, author a dramatist was a regular visitor to Marienbad between 1961 and 1997. On 9th September 2004 a bust of Miroslav Horníček was unveiled on the façade of the hotel Svoboda. The sculpture is the work of the Marienbad academic sculptor Vítězslav Eibl, a friend of Miroslav Horníček.

To the Water (A Letter to the Fountain)

"There’s something special about this place, an energy of genius in the air, one that gave Goethe the ability to forget his age, an energy that lent Chopin’s fingers the skill to weave his delicate musical lace, a power that gives the town’s springs the vigour to surge from the ground. Life-giving water that rises here, your water that falls in intoxicating sprays, you, my fountain…"

"Men take to the skies to chase the speed of sound, but cannot stop to hear the silence."

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