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MOVOMAL will again offer a varied programme

11.7.2024 | Events

On Saturday, 13 July, another edition of the MOVOMAL (Modern, Friendly and Open Mariánské Lázně) festival will take place. This year you can also look forward to a varied programme full of music, sports, creativity and interesting guests.

"MOVOMAL 2024 will take place on Saturday 13 July in the area near the Ferdinand's Spring colonnade. The programme will start at 2 p.m. and visitors will have a lot of fun until the evening," said Pavel Knára, the organiser of the MOVOMAL festival. "Running enthusiasts can enjoy a workshop with ultramarathoner and running promoter Miloš Škorpil at two different times, creative souls will enjoy creative workshops, families with children will have fun with joint exercise, and there will be music. There will also be a discussion with Petr Havlíček, a leading Czech nutritionist, and a performance by the Losers Cirque Company, acrobats who are dedicated to the new circus."

"This year the festival offers a unique opportunity to spend a day full of fun, culture and sport in the beautiful surroundings of Mariánské Lázně. This year's edition brings a varied programme that includes musical performances, sports activities and creative workshops, so there is something for everyone. Come and be inspired, enjoy the great atmosphere and meet friends and family. We look forward to seeing you," added Pavel Knára.


  • 14:00 Workshop of running coach Miloš Škorpil
  • 14:30 Concert by Katarina Ševčíková (harp)
  • 14:30 Creative workshop by Otto
  • 15:30 Concert of 2violoncellos
  • 15:30 Exercise for children and adults
  • 15:30 František Zeman's Drumband
  • 16:15 Announcement of the S-Race results
  • 16:45 Workshop of running coach Miloš Škorpil
  • 18:00 Lecture by leading nutritionist Petr Havlíček
  • 19:00 Losers Cirque Company - Czech theatre company dedicated to the genre of new circus

There is no entrance fee for the event!

The twelfth SpaRun running race and the second edition of the R-Race obstacle race will also take place on 13 July under the banner of MOVOMAL.

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