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Trip Tip: Discover the small breweries of the Karlovy Vary Region

24.3.2023 | Tourism

There are several small breweries in the Karlovy Vary region, each one different, so wherever you go, you can always look forward to a new experience. Combine your trip with a tasting of local beer specialties.

Kronl Family Brewery | Mariánské Lázně

This is a small brewery restaurant named after a famous local robber. However, you can expect honest, unfiltered and unpasteurised beer brewed in the classic craft way. The good beer can be accompanied by one of the local specialties.

Pivovar Pivní Skaut | Cheb

Just as a true scout is an explorer, researcher and tracker, the Pivní skaut brewery explores, searches and discovers the best quality malt, the most fragrant hops and the purest beer styles. They believe in classic, traditional lagers brewed with Czech malt and Czech hops. If you want to discover the magic of other beer styles, try top-fermented beers. You can taste them in the Hvězda pub in the heart of the city.

Pivovar Permon | Sokolov

The brewery was founded in 2006 by a group of engineers in a garage and initially kept production to 100 litres a day. However, as the popularity of craft beers grew, so did the demand, and after moving to the Capuchin Monastery, the brewery now processes up to 1,200 bottles per hour and brews around forty different beers a year, making it eligible for the Craft Brewery designation. Come and discover all the flavours that Czech beer can have.

Pivovar Svatý Florian | Loket

St. Florian is the patron saint of firefighters and beer from his brewery quenches thirst like few things. You can see for yourself on a visit to the town of Loket, the pearl of the Czech Republic. You will find an extensive exhibition of historical brewing tools, the largest collection of spa cups in the Czech Republic and a souvenir shop. There are four beers on tap, besides the classic light and dark 11° lager, there is also a dark smoked special 13° with an unusual smoky aroma and a ruby special 15° with a pleasantly sweet finish.

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