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The Grizzly Brothers will play at the Chopin House

11.7.2024 | Events

On Friday, 12th July, The Grizzly Brothers will play at the Chopin House from 20.00. The flannel tandem Lukáš and Lukáš will prove that you don't need more than a few metres of space and three chords to put on a great show. The guys have prepared a mix of original songs and cover versions of the most famous rock, pop and soul hits.

The band consists of a tandem of guitarists and singers in one person - Lukáš Grüner and Lukáš Pánek. In Chopin they will show how good an acoustic jukebox operated by two people can sound.

A proper summer party cannot do without good refreshments, which will be provided by the community centre SetKavárna, located right in the house.

As part of the concert, you can also visit the ongoing exhibitions of paintings "Mexican Inspirations" by Sasha Samkova and photographs "Architecture intimately" by Libor Štěpán Dubský at the Chopin House.

Vstup: 200 Kč

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