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Marianske Lazne is recognized as a climatic spa

3.7.2023 | Tourism

Mariánské Lázně was recognized as a climatic spa and became the sixth spa in the Czech Republic to be awarded this designation. It is now the most comprehensive spa place that uses all natural resources for treatment - mineral carbonated water, natural CO2 for gas envelopes and injections, peloids and now the climate.

The Czech Inspectorate of Spas and Spas recognised Mariánské Lázně as a climatic spa. The Ministry of Health studied the application and concluded that the submitted documents were sufficient and in accordance with the Spa Act. The Ministry considers that the conditions for the designation of the use of climatic conditions for therapeutic purposes at the natural health spa Mariánské Lázně have been met.

The Ministry will now take legislative steps to amend the list of indications in order to take account of the new situation and to use the climate for treatment.

In May 2021, the town of Mariánské Lázně started to apply for the status of a climate spa. This step was a joint initiative of the City of Mariánské Lázně, the Mariánské Lázně Tourism Association and ENSANA. The proposal was supported by the town, the region and the Czech Inspectorate of Spas and Health Resorts, which falls under the agenda of the Ministry of Health and issues this status.

Mariánské Lázně expects that the new status will enable them to implement a more interesting marketing campaign and thus attract more guests from the Czech Republic and abroad. The climate spa status is similar to the Heilklimatischer Kurort status awarded in German-speaking countries. It is the highest achievable level in a place with regularly monitored and certified clean air, which is also a natural healing resource. This can be an important incentive for guests from Germany who traditionally come to Marianske Lazne for a spa stay.

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