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Improve your personal record at the SpaRun race in Mariánské Lázně

11.7.2024 | Events

SpaRun is coming up, a race with one of the most beautiful running courses in the Czech Republic. It is run in Mariánské Lázně, not only through the spa centre, but also through the local parks. Runners can still register. And it is an ideal opportunity for them to improve their personal record, as the race is being held for the twelfth time. This year's SpaRun will take place on Saturday 13 July.

"SpaRun is more than just a running race, it is an event that brings together sports enthusiasts of all ages. Our goal is to offer not only a great running experience, but also the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the spa centre and the picturesque parks through which the route leads," says race director Pavel Knára.

There are courses for all age groups, from the 6,400 m long main course to the 100 m to 1,400 m route for the little ones. The race is run on sandy and asphalt roads. Participants can expect a family atmosphere, a rich supporting programme, fun activities and gifts for children. Professional facilities and comfort are also provided.

"We want everyone to take away an unforgettable experience and come back to us in the years to come. Mariánské Lázně offers the perfect environment for sport and relaxation," adds Pavel Knára.

Registration for SpaRun 2024 is already open, and can be found at The online registration closes on Thursday 11 July at 23:59. The entry fee is 150 CZK for advance payment and 250 CZK on the spot. For children's runs, the entry fee is free with online registration, 100,- CZK on site. On-site registration and collection of bibs is possible until 10:15 a.m. for children's races, for the main race until 11:00 a.m.


  • 09:00 presentation of competitors, issue of start numbers
  • 10:30 start of the race
  • 10:45 Pre-schoolers 2019 and younger: 100m
  • 10:55 youngest prep boys/girls 2017 - 2018: 400m
  • 11:00 Younger Prep Boys/Girls 2015 - 2016: 400m
  • 11:10 senior prep boys/girls 2013 - 2014: 1000m
  • 11:25 junior and senior boys/girls 2011 - 2012, 2009 - 2010: 1400m
  • 12:00 start of the main race 6400m
  • 13:15 announcement of winners

Do you have what it takes to conquer the S-Race?

Already a sub-raceé will take place in MarianskýLázně will be held together with SpaRun a unique S-Race. It is an obstacle race in the style of Spartan Race and Gladiator Race. Participants will again have to conquer two dozen obstacles, whiché will be set upé over 6 kilometersé track. And the best will conquer it twice! In addition, the organizers have prepared participation medals for the competitors, so everyone will take away a valuable trophy and a nice souvenir from the race. The S-Race will also take place on Saturday 13th No.July.

The second edition of the S-Race obstacle race promises an unforgettable experience for all extreme sports enthusiasts. The start and finish of the race will be in the Viktoria Sports Complex, where participants will embark on a route full of challenging obstacles that will test their physical and mental endurance.

"After a successful first edition, we decided to add more obstacles and extend the route. We want to offer an even greater challenge and fun for everyone involved. We believe that S-Race will find its firm place in the calendar of sporting events in the Czech Republic," says race director Pavel Knára. "Obstacle races have experienced a huge boom in recent years and I am not surprised. We have prepared a six-kilometre course with 20 obstacles for the participants - and the best will complete it twice. And for this year, I can promise it won't be easy. We've prepared handstand and climbing obstacles, load carrying, stream crawling, a fireman's wall, archery, and the competitors will also replenish their protein, as the challenge at one of the stations will be to eat a worm."

On the same day, the organisers are also holding a SpaRun race. The good news is that athletes don't have to choose which race to take part in - both can be done. Several participants already tried it last year, and the oldest was the 1957 class.

There are men's and women's changing rooms, showers, a locker room and refreshments will also be available at the Victoria venue.

Program and registration

Presentation and registration of competitors will take place on the day of the race from 12:15 to 13:30. An interval start is scheduled for 14:00, with five competitors starting every 60 seconds. The winners will be announced at 17:00 at Ferdinand's Spring.

Those interested in participating can register through the website Online registration closes at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, July 11. The entry fee has been gradually increased. In July it is 500 CZK and on the day of the race the entry fee is 700 CZK.

Race categories

The 6km course is for men, women and younger participants aged 13-14. The 12 km course is for adult racers, with entry permits for 2009 and older. Written consent of a legal guardian is required for participants under the age of 18.

After sport for culture

After SpaRun, competitors can enjoy the MOVOMAL festival, which will be held at the Ferdinand's Spring Colonnade. The programme will start at 2 p.m. with two workshops by running coach Miloš Škorpil, followed by a concert by harpist Katarína Ševčíková, creative workshops by Otto Vasek, a concert by 2violoncellos and exercises for children and adults. Visitors can also look forward to František Zeman's Drumband and a lecture by leading nutritionist Petr Havlíček. The programme will close at 7 pm with a performance by the acrobatic group Losers Cirque Company, a Czech theatre company dedicated to the genre of new circus.

The SpaRun race is organized by MOVOMAL z.s. in cooperation with AC Mariánské Spa and with the support of meCity of Mariánské Spa.

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