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Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen is located on the banks of the River Fränkische Saale. From 1815, the State of Bavaria invested huge sums into the spa which launched the town’s economic revival. The royal court architect Friedrich von Gärtner built the Kursaal adjoining the new cast-iron pavilion which houses the Rakoczi and Pandur springs.

The fact that the local water is used for the drinking cure led to the creation of arcades and a store for Kissingen mineral water bottles, famous across the area. The subsequent growth in the spa industry led to the construction of further structures, beginning with the Salinenbad in 1842 and ending with the Kurhausbad and the Luitpoldbad.

When the German Empire was created in 1871, the town was connected to the railway system which injected vital new life into Bad Kissingen. Various religious buildings of all denominations are evidence of the town’s multicultural character. It also became a place artists and writers would meet. New, grand spa buildings were erected, including a spa theatre, the Wandelhalle with its tap room and the Regent House. The last in the list served as a meeting room for high-status spa guests. A series of gardens and parks grew up around the spa including the Kurpark, Altenberg, Luitpoldpark and Rosengarten.

In the early 19th century, this spa town began to expand with promenades appearing along the river and forest paths leading to restaurants, remarkable places of natural beauty and scenic viewpoints.

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