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City of Bath

The City of Bath has been a place many have sought the cure for over two thousand years. The Romans established a spa here and a monastery and medieval hospital followed. After the upheaval in the church in the 16th century, the spa was handed over to the town, and since the 18th century its sights have been continuously maintained and renovated. The General Hospital (1739) once provided the most advanced of treatments, diagnostic medicine and care for the poor.

The town council promoted Bath as a place of rejuvenation and entertainment and tourism quickly took hold there. After a neo-Classical rebuild, Bath became one of the most elegant spa towns in all Europe. Between 1720 and 1790 the town added many crescents, squares, parks and gardens.

Other interesting places were also added including promenades, recreational areas and various meeting places. And it’s no accident that the open landscape seems to run right into the centre of Bath. The surrounding countryside is also well worth visiting, a place where visitors can enjoy walks and cycling. Bath is also a centre of education, a meeting point for ideas in philosophy and the sciences. In the past this aided the development of medical theory and practice. Today we still find many an authentic historical structure and long-lasting cultural tradition. Bath remains a prosperous, elegant and attractive spa town.

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