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Františkovy Lázně

Despite its size, the quality of its architectural landscape means that Františkovy Lázně (Franzensbad) is still one of the most important spa towns in Europe. The spa was founded in 1793 in honour of the future Austrian emperor Franz I. A key factor in the decision to establish the town was the number of mineral springs that rise here.

Although Františkovy Lázně was founded in the period when neo-Classical styles were in fashion, the town is an unusual piece of town planning, laid out in a grid of streets and boasting a high concentration of neo-Classical and Empire structures, well as buildings designed in many a “neo” style.

The spa is surrounded by extensive parkland and the individual springs are housed in neo-Classical pavilions. The new town can be found beyond the parks and boasts countless spa houses and villas, some of which were built in the spirit of the Protestant faith.

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