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Preserved pinewood on a serpentinite subsoil between Prameny and Sítina, this is a typical example of original forest pine growth (vogtland upland ecotype) on serpentinite.

Basic information


nature reserve


883 m above sea level

Extent of specially protected area

62.29 hectares


On the herb layer, depending on the degree of waterlogging, higher growth alternates with common bracken and blue bear grass on saturated locates with lower growth of the dominant bushes: spring heath, Polygaloides chamaebuxus, common heather, and the rare Dianthus sylvaticus. The serpentinite outcroppings are settled, in addition to rare serpentinite ferns: serpentine spleenwort and false spleenwort, and a mountain variety of fir clubmoss. The endemic Cerastium alsinifolium occurs only rarely, mostly prefering the mossy spring areas. The greatest problem at present is the spread of spruce to the old pine growth areas and onto rock formations.

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