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Source of the Teplá River

Less than three kilometres from the centre of Mariánské Lázně lies a very precious location in the Slavkovský Forest, the source of the Teplá River.

The sourec of the Teplá River consists of a number of open ditches and with three small ponds surrounded by waterlogged meadows and park-like forests full of spruce and alder. The most interesting feature here is the dark bogs. This preserved complex of biotopes is home to a number of rare species of plants and animals.

The mission of the reservation is to protect the complex of waterlogged meadows and forest growth with their populations of rare plants and animals. The entire area was once used for pasture, while today's forests are mostly from scattered seed growth. The dominant feature here is the growth of spruce alder. The protected landscape area's administration is presently cutting the meadow growth extensively and removing part of the scattered growth so that the natural reservation area preserves its open character. The formation of water barriers for the subsoil ditches is planned.

Basic information


nature reserve


749 – 776 m above sea level

Extent of specially protected area

44.89 hectares

Border length


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