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Teplá River Valley - Údolí Teplé

The Teplá River between Bečov and Loutnový, connects the sections of the Otročínský, Pramenský and Mnichovský Creek, about 8-16 km north-northeast of Mariánské Lázně.

Basic information


nature reserve


560 - 710 m above sea level

Extent of specially protected area

172 hectares


This reservation in the countersunk canyon-like valley of the Teplá River includes a number of specific stations conditioned by the phenomenon of the river. The undergrowth of old pinewood is enriched by heliophilous species such as the common juniper, the winter heath, and wolf's bane. The mixed growth is contrarily accompanied by the Daphne mezereum, golden saxifrage, Lilium martagon, while the damp rock formations are dominated by the Sphagnum quinquefarium.

The botanically most interesting areas are the exposed mildly basalic amphibolitic outcroppings. Five microlocations here are home to the oblong woodsia, while the Jovibarba sobolifera and Vincetoxicum hirundinaria are common here. On the debris, in a single location, grows the Hackelia deflexa. The rock formations are home to a number of rare mosses, namely the Bartramia.
The forest growth on the rock formations has in particular retained its natural character, and relict rock pinewood dominates here. In the mixed growth, in addition to the planted spruce, we also find wych elm, sycamore, birch, and pine. The fir, once abundant here, is practically gone today.


This is a preserved water stream with a rich fish community and other species of aquatic animals dependent on undisturbed subalpine water streams. There is a rich occurrence of European bullhead.

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