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Milhostov Mofette

This is group of sulphur dioxide gaseous effluences at Milhostov. It was declared a natural monument to protect the mofette, or discharge of gaseous sulphur dioxide.

The mofette are formed as small basins of varying depths from which gas seeps, revolting all those in the vicinity with its noxious smell. Mofette also function as small traps which present a smelly death for various insects and vertebrates. Some mofette are filled with water throughout the year, while some are dried out, their bottoms yellowed from the precipitated sulphuric compounds.
The location is roughly 0.5 km south-southeast of the village of Rájov and 0.5 km east of the village of Martinov. It is located in the valley of the upper and middle flow of Jilmový Creek and its feeders.

Basic Information


Natural Site


620 m above sea level

Extent of specially protected area

0.24 hectares

Basic characteristic 

The Jilmový Creek valley and its feeders with a predominance of alder meads, with alluvial plain vegetation in places, turn into a moor community in places. Part of the territory is also pastures and mesophilic meadows on the altitude of the valley slopes (mostly in the southern area).


Mostly quaternary sand-clay sediments, in places more distance from the water flow the more it becomes amphibolitic and gneissic of the Mariánské Lázně metabasalic complex. The gaseous discharges (mofette) and mineral emergences are both interesting (Horka Spring).


The bottom land and adjacent slopes of the Jilmový Creek valley and its two tributaries. The stream of Jilmový Creek here has a natural character and meanders the frequent vertical aluminous banks. The territory is part of the larger geomorphological area of the Tepelský Highlands (also the Toužimská flatland and Bezdružická Highland, Mariánské Lázně Highlands region and Michalohorská Highlands). The area’s altitude ranges between 582 and 718 meters AMSL.


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