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Kynžvart Springs Trail

This educational trail leads visitors to four different springs: Jezevčí, Kančí, Liščí I and Liščí II. The trail starts around 1km from Kynžvart spa.

When you leave Kynžvart spa along the road heading towards Valy, after about half a kilometre you’ll come to an information panel on the left - this is where the trail begins. The walk is about 2km long and wooden walkways lead to the springs.

Liščí prameny (Fox springs)

These springs are framed within two wooden square pits directly next to each other. The outlets were cleaned in 2001 and the nearby stream which often flooded them was reinforced.
A roof was built over the springs in 2007 and a walkway installed. The CO2 content is 1960 mg/l. The acidulous waters are not hygienically monitored.

Kančí pramen (Boar spring)

This spring was rediscovered in 2002 in a site where a large amount of escaping peroxide was discovered. While the spring was being repaired, a wooden barrel was discovered which was formerly used to channel the water. Since acidulous water was never described in any known literature, the spring was named Boar Spring by the Slavkovský Forest workers because the ground around the spring was dug up by wild pigs. The CO2 content is 2300 mg/l. The acidulous water is not hygienically monitored.

Pramen Marie (Marie Spring)

Water can only be sampled from the well below the Šárka spa house.

Pramen Richard (Richard Spring)

This is a spring with curative properties which emerges in the centre of Kynžvart spa. It is a cold mineral water of the bicarbonate-sulphate-magnesium calcite type, rising from a depth of about 10 metres at a temperature of 9°C. The spring is maintained by the Kynžvart Children’s Spa, and as such is regularly monitored. It contains a large amount of free CO2, peroxide, silicic acids, and calcium. The acidulous water is pleasant tasting, is strongly hypotonic, and is said to reduce blood pressure and muscle tension.

Pramen Viktor a Helena (Viktor and Helena Spring)

Both of these healing springs produce simple ferrous acidulous waters of the bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium type with an increased content of silica, calcium, and sodium cold and hypotonic acids.
Both springs emerge in a special pavilion.
The Helena Spring is used to cleanse the upper respiratory tract, for gargling, and due to the similar composition to the Rudolf Spring in Mariánské Lázně, for treating nephro-urological patients.

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