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Alpine Hill - Podhorní vrch

Located near Ovesné Kladruby, the highest peak of the Tepelský flatland, a remnant of tertiary volcanic activity with significant geomorphological phenomena.

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A pronounced plateau hill with preserved floral beechwoods and significant vegetation, particularly moss communities.

This pronounced basaltic mound is an interesting example of an insular and hilltop phenomenon in a free landscape. The rock formation at the peak is valuable with its extensive debris field and remnants of the original forest growth. In the dominating growth of sycamore and ash, there is abundant growth of Daphne mezereum, Ribes alpinum, and Herb Paris. Evidence of the insular effect is provided by a number of exclave occurrences: yellow wolfsbane grows in the col, Whorled Solomon's seal grows in the beechwood, and fir clubmoss grows in the debris.

Basic information


nature reserve


847 m above sea level

Extent of specially protected area

31.55 hectares

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