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Local Transport

Local Transport in Mariánské Lázně comes in the form of trolleybuses and buses. We also recommend a ride in the cable car, the tourist train and a horse-drawn carriage.

Town Public Transport

Tickets for single rides are non-transferable and valid only for the duration of the journey on board the bus or trolleybus on which they were purchased. The ticket can not be transferred to another person.

Tickets available from the driver

Tickets paid for using a contactless card


20 CZK

18 CZK

Discounted (children 6 to 15 years)

10 CZK


Baggage, dog

10 CZK


More about  tariffs and Town public transport HERE

Cable Car

The cable-car from Hotel Koliba to Krakonoš operates daily every 15 mins from 10am to 5.30pm. You can use it to transport bicycles and prams.



A taxi stand can be found in the town centre opposite the CUP Vital travel agency in Reitenbergerova Street near the roundabout, as well as at the railway station.


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