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Town public transport
Marianske Lazne

Urban mass transportation in the town of Marianske Lazne is carried out by trolley-buses and buses.

Town Public Transport

Tickets for individual ride are non-transferable and they are valid only for the duration of the journey in the vehicle in which they were purchased. The ticket can not be transferred to another person.

Tickets available at the driver's

Tickets paid by contactless credit cards


20 CZK

18 CZK

Discounted (children 6 to 15 years)

10 CZK


Baggage, dog

10 CZK




In the beginning

In the beginning of the 20th century Mariánské Lázně produced its first public transport system using trams. After the second world war, like many other towns of the then Czechoslovakia, it was decided to replace the trams in Mariánské Lázně with what are now called Trolley Buses. The day following the decision to change (27th April 1952), the town received it first 7Tr trolley buses from Škoda.

60’s & 70’s

In 1960 the trolley bus service extended into the suburb of Úšovice. The first service terminus was situated in the small square behind the current trolley bus stop Kovárna. 

80’s & 90’s

During this decade, this small public transport system was extended with new sections added to the routes. They also modernized the fleet of buses at this time.

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