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Climb a Mountain

A longer but fairly easy trip into the area surrounding Mariánské Lázně can be taken with a “mountain” guide. Enjoy an impressive view across the landscape, learn about this interesting natural feature and see the Podhora mofettas.

With its mineral-rich springs and other curative resources, the world-famous spa town of Mariánské Lázně is set amid enigmatic forested hills. Geologists know it as the “Mariánské Lázně fault“, hills of volcanic origin which were formed millions of years ago and still bear the scars of their dramatic birth. Podhora is an extinct volcano and its summit has been popular among visitors since time immemorial for its excellent views. From this lofty perch people could view the landscape as though looking at a map. From the top they could recognise the places they frequented and examine ancient byways with a bird’s eye view. People have always been attracted to high places, heading up to the clouds and coming nearer to heaven.

The first guests to Mariánské Lázně were attracted by this excursion up a “mountain”. When it comes to climbing, Podhora is top dog around here. This volcano from the Tertiary period is a unique natural observation point, its rock pinnacle at 850m above sea level affording incredible views of the whole of West Bohemia, from the Šumava to the Krušné Mountains, and as far as the first peaks of the Czech středohoří range. When conditions are favourable you might even be able to make out the snowfields of the Alps.

For people living around here Podhora was the highest mountain in Bohemia as well as home to the mythical mountain spirits.  This fact was noted by the traveller and man of letters, Bohuslav Balbín around the year 1680 in his work “Miscellanea historica regni Bohemiae”. Podhora’s resident spirit is none other than the Lord of the Mountains Rübezahl, aka Krakonoš. Learn what links Sněžka in the Krkonoše Mountains with Mariánské Lázně, see where Krakonoš lurks and hear myths from ancient times relating to the mountain spirits. 

  • Only on request in advance
  • Route: car to Podhora, short hike to the top of Malá and Velká Podhora and a visit to the Podhora mofettas.
  • Difficulty: 4(of 5)
  • Tour length: around 3 hours
  • Price: 320 CZK
  • Children between the ages of 6 and 15, students and ZTP card holders are eligible for reduced rate tickets.
  • Holders of Karlovy VARY REGION CARD have the walking tour free of charge.
  • Ticket prices listed are per person.

Tours can be booked for groups at any time.
Group sizes range from a minimum 10 to a maximum of 25.
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