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Famous Romances in Mariánské Lázně

This walking tour of the town focuses on famous lovers who enjoyed a bit of romance in Mariánské Lázně. Learn about the ill-fated love Goethe felt for the young Ulrika, the unfulfilled romance between Fryderyk Chopin and Maria Wodzińska and the saucy tale of King Edward VII of England and a pretty milliner by the name of Mizzi.

  • Route: Chopin House, a visit to the Chopin Museum; hotel Excelsior (exterior); Goethe Square, a visit to the town’s museum and its expositions
  • Difficulty: 1 (of 5)
  • Tour length: around two hours
  • Price: 180 CZK / full price, 120 CZK / discounted (includes admission to the museum)

Tickets can be purchased at the tourist information centre, via the website or book ahead at

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