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Karolina Spring

The Karolina Spring produces a ferrous carbonated mineral water which is slightly mineralized and has a high magnesium content. The water bubbles up under the old colonnade beneath the church and was originally called the New Spring. In 1817 it was covered by a dome with 8 corinthian columns and renamed in honour of the then Emperor Franz I's wife, Karolina Augusta.

Magnesium81,1 mg/l
Calcium125 mg/l
Sodium190 mg/l
Bicarbonate948 mg/l
Sulphate203 mg/l
Chloride84,6 mg/l
free CO22 710 mg/l
Mineralization1 651,37 mg/l


Used to treat urological complaints and kidney stones as the magnesium in the water prevents their formation.


Karolina Spring pavilion near the colonnade
Cross Spring (Křížový) pavilion on the colonnade


Karolina Spring Pavilion

freely accessible (not available in winter, October–April)

Cross Spring (Křížový) Pavilion

open daily 6 am – 6 pm


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