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Ferdinand Spring

This water has a decidedly salty taste with a composition similar to the Cross Spring (křížový), but more mineralized. It was the first Spring to attract attention to what was, at that time, a largely uninhabited and quite remote area of forest on the border. From the 16th century it was often used in the production of salt. However this could not be used for cooking as it was a laxative form of salt.

Magnesium85,6 mg/l
Calcium124 mg/l
Sodium2 070 mg/l
Bicarbonate2 413 mg/l
Sulphate2 260 mg/l
Chloride787 mg/l
free CO22 390 mg/l
Mineralization7 757,67 mg/l


Ferdinand Spring Colonnade


Ferdinand Spring Colonnade – freely accessible (not available in winter, October–April)

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