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Balbín spring

In the past this spring was called the Peat Bog Spring (Rašeliništní pramen) as it rose on the site of a peat bog around 1km west of Mariánské Lázně heading towards the village of Valy. After WWII it was given the name Balbín after the spa doctor Bohuslav Balbín who in 1679 analysed the chemical composition of the mineral springs in the Teplá area and their potential benefit to human health.

Magnesium79,4 mg/l
Calcium102 mg/l
Sodium93,4 mg/l
Bicarbonate854 mg/l
Sulphate124 mg/l
Chloride30,4 mg/l
free CO22 875 mg/l
Mineralization1 304,96 mg/l


On the Metternich walking trail (green). Pavilion in the centre of town opposite Hotel Bohemia.


Freely accessible

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