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Ambrose Spring

The Ambrose (Ambrožův) Spring was named after the enlightened Abbot Jeronym Ambroz who sought to make these waters accessible to those in need. It used to be and is still sometimes called the 'Spring of Love'. With its high iron content it is used to treat anemia, chlorosis and to bring a healthy glow to the cheeks. Records of the spring's first tapping go back to the year 1807. The water is used both for drinking and in the preparation of carbon dioxide baths.

Magnesium24 mg/l
Calcium55,3 mg/l
Sodium57,7 mg/l
Bicarbonate288 mg/l
Sulphate64,4 mg/l
Chloride57,8 mg/l
free CO22 580 mg/l
Mineralization469-563,55 mg/l


Certain forms of anaemia; diuretic effect makes the water useful in treating certain urinary ailments, particularly lithiasis.


This spring is located in a small park above the Casino.


Freely accessible (not available in in winter, October - April)

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