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How can we strengthen our immunity at a spa? Strolls in the forest, health-giving spring water and, of course, our famous spa procedures – nature has greater powers than we could ever imagine. The way the spas use nature’s energy is currently something that interests many. Mariánské Lázně spa expert MUDr. Roman Vokatý gives us the lowdown on how time at a spa can help boost our immunity.

Boost your immunity through spa

Time spent in Mariánské Lázně gives you the opportunity to forget about work commitments. On entering the spa you find yourself in a “zone of tranquillity”. You leave the stress behind and begin to anticipate what might lie ahead. Inhale, exhale and feel the power of nature in the air, the power of this town to heal. This is a place where over a relatively small area we find an almost absurd number of springs, each with their own mineral composition. The architecture, light and sunny green spaces, flowing water… all of it gets those all-important endorphins flowing. Everything here helps you find your inner balance. The immune system automatically regains equilibrium and everyday problems fade into the background.

And then comes the second phase – water, peat and gas. The drinking cure is the main aspect, helping the metabolism to cleanse the body. We should always remember that the colon is responsible for almost 80% of our body’s immune response.

Another factor is key in this cleansing process – the local climate. Unpolluted air and the town’s geographical location, green spaces producing large amounts of oxygen and ozone – these are further factors that can boost the immune system as they engage the respiratory system.

In addition to water, peat and gas, other external aspects play a part – spa procedures, exercise, diet and regime. And all of this takes place under one roof.

Which procedures strengthen the immune system?

Key aspects in any health spa break in Mariánské Lázně are the climate, accommodation, dining, leisure activities etc. Then there are the treatments and drinking cure, a key factor here being the sheer variety of springs and procedures available at the individual spa houses.

Drinking different types of mineral-rich spring water has a real effect on our health (this is no exaggeration – the curative effects have been scientifically proven), so for this reason the type of spring water you consume should be determined by a doctor. Every spring is used for different illnesses or types of illness. So quantity is important, as is whether you drink before or after meals and whether the water is tepid or at the temperature at which it emerges from the ground (usually between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius - at the Colonnade the water is heated). It is the doctor’s job to prescribe the cure, or that of a specialist who is capable of making a diagnosis and knows what side effects consuming mineral-rich water can have.

The reward for sticking to the prescribed drinking cure is usually a noticeable physiological reaction. Some springs have an effect on the respiratory system and the urinary system, others regulate bile secretion and pancreatic excretion, top up the body’s mineral reserves and have a beneficial effect on organ function and on the organism overall, including the psyche. This all has a strong influence on the immune system. You can expect a sudden jump in your resistance to illness and psychological condition. However, at the beginning you may experience what’s known by some as the “spa reaction”. Too much input over a short period of time can cause fatigue and sometimes abdominal discomfort. Just like in sport, on the third day you should slow down and take it easier. The overall positive effect of any spa break can be felt after between 14 and 21 days. Time at the spa can have an effect on your quality of life for at least half a year afterwards. However the unforgettable experiences you have here can stay with you much longer.

Stress-busting at the spa

Nowadays stress could be dubbed an “infectious” illness. Everyone, including small children, is a victim of modern society’s obsession with technology. The sheer volume of information, work that demands too much focus on one thing and sedentary lifestyles all play a part, as does food containing inappropriate ingredients eaten on the run. These often contain high levels of fat, polysaccharides and other sugars. We often forget how important protein and fibre are for our bodies.

Positive stress is also important. Every change brings a certain level of stress! And that’s why it’s important to take things slowly. The drinking cure isn’t like consuming high levels of caffeine or alcohol and the nightlife that this accompanies. Movement isn’t just about going to the gym. An even balance between rest and exertion means we can achieve overall optimum condition.

It’s also important to avoid other things such as manipulation by the media, social media and overwork. Try returning, if just for a moment, to reading books, listening to music, meditation… This is an opportunity to make time for yourself and your nearest and dearest. Perhaps with a calmed mind you’ll be more capable of making an important life decision. All of us who strive to make your time at the spa as good as it can be believe decisions made in these circumstances can only be good ones. And perhaps one decision you make could be to return to our spa town again.

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