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To Teplá Monastery

The route leads around Podhora to the Premonstratensian Monastery at Teplá.

Elevation profile
Total descent and ascent
Total descent0 m
Total ascent0 m
Estimated time2:54 hour
Length36,4 km
Route difficultyHard
Starting PointPalackého Street - Antonin Spring, Mariánské LázněDestination PointMachova Street, Viktoria stadium, Mariánské Lázně
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Track suitable for

The route begins at the Antonin spring in Úšovice. You go along the street to the church and follow the green marked trail. Pass through the village of Vlkovice then head to Martinov. Keep following the yellow to Milhostov. Proceed through Ovesné Kladruby and Mrázov to the Monastery at Teplá.

You can return following the yellow marked trail to the train station in Teplá. Here you can jump on board a local train or you may continue towards Horní Kramolín, Zádub-Závišín. In Závišín you pick up  the yellow hiking route which descends into Mariánské Lázně via Hotel Krakonoš, Boheminium, the fallow deer park and the Hotel Panorama until you reach Anglická Street.

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