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Horse and Carriage Rides

Horse Carriage Company (Kočárová doprava s r.o.) offers romantic rides through the beautiful town of Mariánské Lázně and its surrounding areas.

By taking a ride in one of these carriages you will get a different perspective on the architectural beauties of this town which will be an unforgetable experience.
For the romantics amongst us who are in love, it is the perfect way to declare one’s love or to ask for their hand in marriage and to offer your love an engagement ring.
For your family and friends it is the perfect present to give on a golden anniversary, with the clatter of the horses hooves reminding them of the past and the beautiful times spent together.
A ride in a horse drawn carriage is not only for tourists, anyone can experience the relaxation and rest of this unique form of bygone transport.

  • Carriage stand is on Main (Hlavní) Street at the Czechoslovak Commercial Bank.
  • When booking a ride, it is possible for the carriage to come and pick you up at your hotel (free).
  • Normal rides take between 20 and 60 mins but this can be changed by making a  personal arrangement when booking.

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