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Edward VII Spring

This spring is named after King Edward VII of England who visited Mariánské Lázně on several occasions. The spring water is heavily mineralized containing high levels of calcium, magnesium and iron. It emerges from the ground naturally cold.

Magnesium182 mg/l
Calcium350 mg/l
Sodium1 010 mg/l
Bicarbonate2 380 mg/l
Sulphate1 300 mg/l
Chloride467 mg/l
free CO22 360 mg/l
Mineralization5 908 mg/l


The recommended drinking cure is 0.5 – 0.7 litres of water per day, best divided into 3 doses, approx. 30-45 mins before food and on an empty stomach.

The water neutralizes stomach acid, lowers hyper acidity, improves the sensitivity of tissues to insulin (diabetes mellitus type II) and can help with obesity and obstipation (faster intestinal peristalsis, diverticulosis of intestines).


At the Hotel Cristal Palace.


Freely accessible (not available in winter, October - April)

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