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Alexander Spring

This mineral spring rises in the park below the Hotel Cristal. The chemical composition of the water here is very similar to the Ferdinand Spring. Once upon a time the Alfred Spring emerged from the ground in the same spot but over the years this slowly dried up. Originally the springs were a mere 120cm apart.

Magnesium72 mg/l
Calcium91,8 mg/l
Sodium1 430 mg/l
Bicarbonate1 654 mg/l
Sulphate1 630 mg/l
Chloride601 mg/l
free CO23 750 mg/l
Mineralization5 497 mg/l

Used to treat:

The water is prescribed to sensitive patients with a tendency to suffer from diarrhoea, and to those who don’t tolerate the more mineralised Cross (Křížový) and Ferdinand springs well. The main indications for this spring water are liver, gall bladder, pancreas and intestinal complaints.


At the beginning of the park outside the Hotel Cristal


The spring is freely accessible; closed in winter (October to April)

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