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Town Museum

The museum is located in the oldest house in the historical part of the town, characterized by a sunlit, south-facing Empire frontage. This is an important building dating back to the 19th century and gives some indication of how the town looked when it was first founded.

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The house was built in 1818 as a guesthouse for spa visitors called Zlatý hrozen (The Golden Grapes). In 1823 Johann Wolfgang Goethe was a guest here - a bronze memorial plaque above the arched entrance and an exhibition on the first floor commemorate Goethe's time in Mariánské Lázně.

Founded in 1887, the museum has been housed in the building since 1953 and oversees collections from the Mariánské Lázně region. Between 1975 and 1979 the building underwent renovation - a new storey was added featuring a projection room, an auditorium and rooms for new exhibitions, all of which were built in the courtyard. The historical building underwent further renovation in 1999.

The museum also runs an exhibition in the concert hall of the Anglican Church - this focuses on English King Edward VII who was a frequent visitor to Mariánské Lázně. The open air 'Geological Park' covers an area of almost 10 hectares near the museum building. Here visitors can walk through the forest, examining examples of rocks and minerals found in the area as they go.

Opening hours

Tuesday–Sunday, 09.30 am – 05:30 pm

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