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Loket Castle

Loket is a very old town with a castle of the same name. Both rise above the valley of the Ohře River between Karlovy Vary and Sokolov.

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 Loket Castle was founded by one of the Czech kings at the beginning of the 13th century and was strategically located near the kingdom's borders. The castle became famous as the place where John of Luxembourg had his three-year-old son Charles IV, the future Emperor, imprisoned. The castle with its unique Romanesque architectural elements is open to the public - this includes the deep underground dungeons once used as a prison. The settlement, situated on the slopes surrounding the castle, features plenty of sights of historical interest for visitors. The annual ‘Loket Opera Festival’ is a major event which takes place in a picturesque amphitheatre below Loket Castle.

How to get there: By car (40 minutes), by train (change in Cheb and Chodov)

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