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Komorní hůrka educational trail

Komorní Hůrka is our youngest volcano – it was known to be active around 850,000 years ago, with some evidence suggesting it only became dormant as recently as 350,000 years ago.

Despite its history this isn't a particularly prominent landmark, just a low, partly wooded hill between Cheb and Františkové Lázně. The striking crater-like formation found there isn't actually a crater but an old quarry.

The volcano here was probably never significantly active. It is thought to have been a quieter type, hence the name meaning 'chamber'. Records suggest its last activity was no more than a small amount of ash being blown out here and there and one small gush of lava, which is not surprising given that the volcano was born in the final closing phase of volcanic activity in the Czech Republic. It also has a sister, practically a twin, in the nearby Železná Hůrka. The name Železná meaning 'iron' probably comes from the fact that both of these small volcanoes were later found to be sites that contained mineral rarities – sheets of pure natural iron. The educational trail to Komorní Hůrka is presently in a state of disrepair but is still marked, so don't hesitate to try it. You can't miss the main quarry, and from there you can safely go all the way to the Šternberk Tunnel following the normal trail markers.

Trail Description
(currently non maintained)


Komorní Dvůr




Easy, disabled access




Around 1 hour

Getting there

Walk from Cheb (2 km) or Františkové Lázně (3 km)

Hiking trails

Red trail Cheb - Františkovy Lázně
Blue trail from Komorní Hůrka to Aš

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