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About two kilometers south-southeast from the town of Bečov Nad Teplou, not far from the road to Chodov, is a natural monument. It was established to protect the rock formations made of basalt chimney formation with typical column cleats.

Basic Information


Natural site


675 – 685 m above sea level

Border length

0.49 hectares

Extent of specially protected area

284 m


The protected natural reservation of Homolka contains a chimney-flue like formation (natural channel) that was formed by gentle weathering and the rapid erosion of the surrounding granite. It stands about 12 meters taller than the surrounding terrain. The basalt mineral of Homolka is grey-black with macroscopically visible clumps of olivine and outgrowths of augite (1 mm).


The vegetation of the isolated basalt mound has a subthermophilic and basiphilic character which is more similar to the hills in Doupov. From the more thermophilic species, we find Alyssum alyssoides and Potentilla tabernaemontani, with the rock species represented by Asplenium trichomanes. The remnants of the original forest vegetation indicate Cerasus avium, Ulmus glabra, and Lilium martagon. The occurrence of Lycopodium clavatum at the western base of the formation is interesting.


The non-wooded character of this enclave in the midst of associated cultural growth is the focus of preservation efforts.

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