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Friedrich's Stone – Friedrichstein

Friedrich’s Stone is the name given to a naturally occurring mound of coarse granite boulders that stand in a location known as ‘Little Switzerland’ (Malé Švýcarsko).

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A stone tablet bearing the name Friedrichstein fiund here relates to Friedrich August (Bedřich August II.), the King of Saxony who visited Mariánské Lázně several times in 1834 and 1835 .Besides taking the cure he also collected herbs from this area. His personal herbarium, containing 521 specimens, was one of the first local botanical registries. Sadly, his passion for botany proved to be fatal when traveling to the Austrian Tyrol searching for new specimens, he fell from his carriage and subsequently died. The block with its tablet is the most interesting part of 'Little Switzerland', which is a pretty slope where promenade paths intetwine amid the boulders. The name 'Little Switzerland' is derived from a former Swiss cabin that used to stand under Kamzík.

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