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Evangelical Church of Corpus Christi

The evangelical church was built for evangelical spa guests in 1857 and was funded with donations from German evangelical Christians supported by the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. He took part in its consecration 24th June 1857.

The church was designed by the Berlin architect, builder and councilor G. Ch. Cantian (1796–1866) a plaque bearing his name can be found on the church. The larger-than-life painting of Christ is the dominant feature of the modest flat-ceilinged nave of the church. Some of the windows were donated to the church as a gift from the Emperor Wilhelm II in 1907. The church underwent renovation in 1999 and now hosts services and concerts.



at 10 am

In the winter season (mid-November to the end of April), services are held at the vicarage in Lidická 19.

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