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The Springlers family trail

Once upon a time, many years ago, in the times of huge rains, the groundwater in the Slavkovský Forest brought the first Springler to the sunlight...

Elevation profile
Total descent and ascent
Total descent0 m
Total ascent0 m
Estimated time4 hour
Length14 Km
Route difficultyMedium
Starting PointBalbín springDestination PointAnthony Spring
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Track suitable for
Families with children
More detailsDownload Brochure

Meet the Springlers (Pramenec) family and learn, what Marienbad healing springs are all about. The Springlers have a special job – each member of the family takes care about one of mineral water springs, located in Marienbad. Additionally, The Pramenec Treasure is prepared for you this year! Solve all puzzles you get at Pramenec sites and collect the signs. Figure out what they have in common and find the Treasure! The map will show you where to find every Pramenec but not the location of the Treasure – it is your job to find this out! When you find out the final word, go to the a enter there this final word as a username and also as a password (without diacritics) and there you find out the last tap to the treasure.
Each Pramenec has its own unique sign and is marked with a color ring (yellow, red, blue or green). Connect both the sign and ring to understand what meaning do the rings have.
So let start now! All Pramenec are waiting for you now!

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