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A Tour of the Area Surrounding Mariánské Lázně II.

Head out with a guide into the surrounding landscape, see the beauty of the forests, breathe the exceptionally clean air and soak up the atmosphere of this illustrious spa town. Visit the current and past cruise sites, taste the ever-present springs and visit places that famous visitors visited 200 years ago. Basic information also in German and English.

  • Route: Tourist information centre – Forest Spring – viewpoint Carola – town´s cemetery – Balbín´s Spring – Bear Spring – hotel Monty – Russian Church
  • Tour length: around 3 hours
  • Difficulty: 3 (of 5) , we recommend suitable footwear to the forest
  • Price: 150 CZK / full price,

Tickets can be purchased at the tourist information centre, via the website HERE or book ahead at

Tours can be booked for groups at any time.
Group sizes range from a minimum 10 to a maximum of 25.
To book individual tours, contact us at

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