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Forest Spring

In 1840 the original circular pavilion supported with columns was replaced by the small colonnade we see today, designed by architect Bedřich Zicker. The spring water here is used for drinking treatments and for gargling direct at source. The waters is piped to the Hotel Pacifik where it is used for drinking and inhalation.

Magnesium79,2 mg/l
Calcium99,8 mg/l
Sodium549 mg/l
Bicarbonate1 352 mg/l
Sulphate511 mg/l
Chloride151 mg/l
free CO22 960 mg/l
Mineralization2 751,99 mg/l


Ailments of the upper respiratory tract and the gastro-intestinal tract. It is also suitable for treating certain urological diseases such as uric-acid stones.


Neo-Classical pavilion just off Třebízského Street


Forest Spring Pavilion

freely accessible daily 6.30–12 am
and 4–6 pm

not available in winter, October - April


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