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Cross Spring

Although the Cross Spring isn’t the oldest known spring in town, it has achieved almost world renown. The archives at Teplá Monastery make first mention of the Cross Spring in 1749 as the Salty Spring. When, in 1749, a pharmacist from Teplá called Damian Schulz erected a high cross made from the trees in the area of the salty spring, which was surrounded by a stone circle, people began to call it the Cross Spring.

Magnesium93,4 mg/l
Calcium161 mg/l
Sodium2 700 mg/l
Bicarbonate2 841 mg/l
Sulphate3 130 mg/l
Chloride909 mg/
free CO22 305 mg/l
Mineralization9 845 mg/l


Disorders of the digestive tract (stomach, intestines, gall bladder, liver and pancreas complaints), metabolic disorders (obesity, gout, diabetes mellitus) and allergies related to digestion disorders. The sulphate content in the water produces a laxative effect.


Cross Spring Pavilion


Daily 6am – 6pm


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